Desire Marketing passionate about helping to reduce hotel-booking commissions

Booking a hotel or a holiday has become extremely easy using online travel agents (OTAs) such as Expedia or, who quite often claim to have the best deals for hotels. For the traveler its simple for the hotel its very costly. In fact hotels normally pay between 15% and 20% commission on the room rate to the OTA.

Why should a hotel continue to work with the OTAs? Hotels have to work with OTAs or they will miss out on bookings. Consumers have become Internet savvy and it has become a habit to just click Book Now. Desire Marketing’s advice to consumers is to use OTA sites or comparison sites to find their destination and then call the hotel direct, they should normally match, better the price and many will offer upgrades, free food or even a bottle of bubbly in the room, anything that is lower than their commission rate.

Jonathan White, Managing Director of Desire Marketing said: “we are so passionate about making a change, we have developed a free audit for hotels to calculate the savings that can be made. We have a number of digital marketing channels which we use to get bookings for hotels directly through the hotel website rather than an OTA site. The savings can be enormous. As an example, if our method filled an average of 100 room nights per month at an average rate of £100 per night the savings would be over £7,000 per year.”

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